Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet 8mm Beads Lava Rock, Cracked Quartz, Jasper & Amethyst


Handmade healing energy, aromatherapy bracelet. Made with semi-precious stones, colourful crystals, essential oil absorbant volcanic lava rocks and expandable elastic cord. Heal your mind, body and soul with sacred crystals, powerful gemstones and rejuvenating essential oils.

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Beautiful Natural Stone Beads & Crystals

This bracelet is made with 8mm beads.


Amethyst gemstones are used for protection and calming the mind. They clear intrusive distracting thoughts, promote mental clarity and help curb addictive behaviour. Amethyst is said to improve self awareness and enhance personal insight. Amethyst encourages creativity, opens the mind and improves perceptions. Different colours of Amethyst vibrate at different frequencies and work well with different chakras. Using the right Amethyst colour can help fine-tune a particular chakra.

Clear Cracked Quartz

Quartz Quartz enhances personal awareness and growth. Quartz improves emotional health and clarifies thought processes. It is said to increase energy levels, patience and perseverance. Quartz cracks and imperfections represent life lessons and obstacles. Transparent areas represent moments of evolution and clarity. Sparkling, colourful prisms within the cracks represent transformation, triumph and conquering obstacles.

Black Jasper

Jasper has a slow vibration rate that is in tune with the Earth’s electromagnetic energies. It is grounding, balancing, soothing, cleansing, energizing and stabilizing. It is an uplifting gemstone that promotes harmonious balance. Jasper is an incredibly grounding stone for chakra meditation. It is primarily a root chakra stone. Black Jasper is a protective and exceptionally cleansing and nurturing stone. It absorbs and transmutes negative energies.

Volcanic Lava Rock

Volcanic Lava Rock contains within it the raw power of the earth. It helps you feel more connected to the planet and the universe. This stone breathes. Volcanic Lava Rock draws in positive energy from your environment and releases it in abundance where it is needed. It is known to be deeply grounding and empowering. Volcanic Lava Rock helps balance your chakras. Primarily the root chakra. Cleansing, clarifying and recharging it.

Volcanic Lava Rock is a porous stone. Which can be used with essential oils. Essential oils are absorbed into the Lava Rock beads and dispersed gradually throughout the day through your skin. Delightful aromas from your essential oils uplift and rejuvenate you and others around you.

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