About Healing Health Tips

Healing Health Tips is a Canadian distributor of premium health products. We are a startup seeking new and established health product manufacturers to work with. We sell only organic products. And we strive to work with environmentally conscientious partners. If you have a product you think would be a great fit for our marketplace please contact us to discuss the opportunity to list with us.

Healing Health Tips’ mission is to become Canada’s number one health portal online. Our goal is to have only the best products. Non toxic, high quality and sourced from companies that care about real health and their environmental impact. Variety is not a priority over quality. We’ve searched high and low for quality health products and we are excited to finally be able to share our discoveries with the world.

Our first health products are essential oil blends and custom handmade aromatherapy bracelets. We chose essential oils first because we believe they are powerful for balancing hormones, relieving mental stress and aiding the body to naturally heal itself. Aromatherapy bracelets contain stunning pieces of nature’s finest art. Precious gemstones help you and everyone around you benefit from mood enhancing aromas and energies.

In the coming year Healing Health Tips will sell personal care and hygiene products, yoga and fitness products, vitamin and supplement products and all kinds of delicious, healthy, organic treats. The Healing Health Tips website will evolve to offer premium membership packages which will include member discounts, custom product bundles and free shipping on every order. We aim to create a win-win marketplace for everyone. Stay tuned and check back often for more great products.

We currently have wholesale pricing for bulk orders of aromatherapy bracelets. Purchase a selection of 100 bracelets or more and receive an automatic 40% discount on your order. Contact us to create a custom order.

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